Black women are disproportionately affected by health issues

-According to CDC, In 2018, Black women aged 15-24 accounted for 66% of new HIV diagnoses

- According to CDC, Black women of reproductive age are 3-4 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than white women

-According to a report by the Journal of the American Heart Association, 75% of Black women will develop high blood pressure by age 55

About Us

Black Women’s Learning Institute (BWLI) is an institute at the non-profit, NDRI, based in New York City. BWLI and NDRI share a goal of building community and practitioner relationships to bridge the gap between research and practice in public health. Our partnership is centered around advancing evidence-based and emerging promising practices to support public health practitioners working with communities. BWLI focuses specifically on the health and social disparities that affect Black women. We help create sustainable change that improves health outcomes for Black women through multimodal education, and using technology to reach Black women in both urban and rural settings, especially in the deep South. BWLI’s mission is to ensure wellness across the lifespan among Black women. Our partner, NDRI-USA does this by fostering relationships at the federal, state, local, international, philanthropic and private sector levels with the goal of reducing health and social disparities.

Meet the Co-Directors

Hanna spent the past 15 years as a public health practitioner building strategic partnerships, conducting needs assessments & leading community engagement efforts. Ten of those years were spent in NYC writing curricula & leading trainings on infectious disease prevention and health disparities in the US. She lead programs providing capacity building & technical assistance to clinical and non-clinical providers in the US and globally. Throughout her public health career, she has conducted research, and applied behavioral theory to the development of public health interventions. She is a doctoral candidate in health behavior, and adjunct faculty teaching a Social & Behavioral Health course to MPH students at GW.

Meet the Co-Directors

Lisa is a public health professional who has devoted 20 years working in HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, and sexual health. She has experience leading technical assistance, and capacity building in organizational sustainability, programmatic infrastructure, and systems development. Her expertise extends to translational educational research programs which resulted in the development of an HIV and Women’s program focusing on issues of IPV, menopause, sexual health, and resilience. She has led the dissemination of CDC’s “HIV Treatment Works” Campaign in nine markets throughout the U.S. Lisa graduated from Empire College State University of New York with a BA and a concentration in Studies in Social Policy and Research.


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    BWLI is an institute part of a non-profit, NDRI-USA. We rely on donations to help advance our mission to improve wellness along the lifespan for Black women. Your support is appreciated and tax deductible.